film photo taken by Hannah Corwin (2019).
"He requires constant supervision."
Royce in "The Hollow King"
Changing My Major!
A still from "At The Rocky Horror Picture Show"
"That's Victor!"
Does Your Mother Know?
Honey, Honey!
TVC Heroes & Villains
Photo by Kat Griffin Photography
modelling for Rae Anderson
Salem Corwin, Preston Allen, and Teagan Kazia
A still from "At The Rocky Horror Picture Show"
Paradise Falls
Performing for OUT Radio Kingston
Anyway, here's Wonderwall...
Banned Together!
Twerking for Jesus
Gotta Blast!
........ ... just the usual, y'know?
Headshot by Kat Griffin
Headshot outtake

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modelling for Rae Anderson

queer floral photoshoot for Rae Anderson, West Shokan NY, 2018

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